Oral practice

19 Jun

I want to keep track of some basic activities I can do in any class period to strengthen oral proficiency. 

Visual prompt:

  1. Start with an image on the screen.  Ask students for “words” to tell what they see. 
  2. After a few of these, ask for “statements” about what they see. 
  3. After some statements, have the students create questions about what they do not see.  “For whom is the girl making a sandwich?”
  4. Make notes on seating chart to indicate who is asking questions or making statements and use ± to record skill level.
  5. Possible extensions: Have students create negative statements or prediction statements. 

Becuase it is a task they will be required to complete for AP, I want them to be able to speak extemporaneously from a prompt. A colleague shared something she does:

  1. Pass out topics, giving three or four to each group, but have the groups receive different topics. 
  2. Allow them 8 minutes to prepare what they will say. 
  3. Allow each student to present their speech verbally. 

If you don’t assess it, students don’t value it.  I am attending a Professional Development workshop on rubrics this week and want to use what I learn to develop rubrics for these oral practices.


3 Responses to “Oral practice”

  1. twilag June 19, 2012 at 10:46 pm #

    This is a great activity for any language you are teaching. I used a similar activity to practice English in my bilingual elementary class. You can also have the students write statements about the picture (this was a very useful extension on complete sentences in my 2nd grade class).


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    […] I will start using visual prompts and the method I blogged in Oral Practice. […]

  2. Videos as speaking/writing prompts « getspanished - August 1, 2012

    […] On a smaller scale, you can use videos to prompt speaking in the same way I’ve mentioned using other visuals: oral practice   […]

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